Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wishes on the Wall

1)Well the useful feature is that you can immediately share your thoughts with other peopleand see their thoughts too.

2)The limitations of the Wall Wisher is that you need to post your name and they do not allow you to change your name for privacy reasons and also if a notification has been posted you won't know until you log on the Wall Wisher.

3)This can be useful as members of the CCA can post their status for that training and if they are able to attend. It can also be used in case if something crops up or the training schedule has been changed, the teacher-in-charge can immediately post it and alert the members.

My Digital Collage

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Well, my favourite online application is... Facebook. Well cause, Facebook allows you to share news with others around the world and even locally instantaneously however the bad side of this is that it is very hard to keep a low profile then. (Internet) But it can also help you find your lost classmates from your past and can keep you up to date with the current world affairs.


Places I went this year

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I went to Sentosa Underwater world with my family for fun!! Then a few months later I went to Changi Airport and took a flight to Taiwan-Taipei and Sun moon Lake for 13 days and it was freezing... :) Where I went to Taipei 101

My way to school ;)

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1) Well Google maps also allows us to find out bus stops around the world, allows us to find out more  about the geographical location of certain places.

2) However, sometimes it can be very unreliable like they will put Landmarks, Schools etc. at wrong places... While other times it can be very reliable so it is a 50-50 chance

My experience in creating the blog...

Well I got a shock when I found out that I had to create this blog of mine, I already had one of my own though...

Blogging can help students interact and share ideas with each other through the internet and help each other in SST.

The Feeling

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