Monday, April 25, 2011

My reflections on today's (25/04/11) C.E lesson

Question 1: What are the three things you learnt today?
Question 2: What did you enjoy about today's lesson?
Question 3: What is the good thing about diversity? 

1) The three things I learnt today were: We are all different and special in our own way.
                                                             : We have to accept people for who they are.
                                                             : The meaning of embrace can be in literal meanings.

2) I enjoyed today's lesson in a why as I learnt that though we may be of the same age we are different in our own way- unique/special. We also have to accept people and under stand that being different is not always bad.

3) To me I think that the good things about diversity is that we can easily differ from other things easily- as it stands out more easily. It also gives one a sense of belonging and a special feeling to tell others that he/she is different and special. One will also build up confidence with diversity as as one begins to diverse everyone, they will start to see that everyone/everything is special and no one can change that.


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